How Do You Say BIPOC?

The BAE*GENCY is a group of proud BIPOC women… who have NO clue how to say BIPOC. Follow us everywhere! We like it! @baegencycomedy Starring Anne Yatco, Ayla Glass, Bonnie He, Coop Foster, Misha Molani, Nadia Anwar, Nicole Villela, and…

Truth Hurts (Pelosi Edit)

Hey Trump, Truth Hurts don’t it? Written By Marcelina ChaviraDirected by Ayla GlassShot By Greg GoodnessEdited by Nick PupoStarring Nadia Anwar, Marcelina Chavira, Ayla Glass, Bonnie He, Misha Molani, and Anne Yatco

Crippling Anxiety Barbie

This Christmas, get your kids a toy they can actually relate to – Crippling Anxiety Barbie! *VAPE PEN NO LONGER INCLUDED* Written By Ayla GlassDirected/Shot By Eric Wang SchwagerEdited By Ayla GlassMusic By Ayla Glass, Michael Guy BowmanStarring Ayla Glass,…